action rigid wheelchair 14″-36cm

R11,286.96 Inc VAT

Wheelchairs come in various types, each designed to meet specific needs and accommodate different users and environments. Here’s a list of common types of wheelchairs and their uses:

  1. Manual Wheelchair:
    • Standard Manual Wheelchair: Basic wheelchair with two large rear wheels and two small front casters, propelled by the user or pushed by a caregiver. Suitable for users with sufficient upper body strength and mobility.
    • Lightweight Manual Wheelchair: Similar to standard manual wheelchairs but constructed from lighter materials for easier maneuverability and transport. Ideal for users who require frequent mobility and independence.
  2. Power Wheelchair:
    • Standard Power Wheelchair: Motorized wheelchair powered by rechargeable batteries, controlled via a joystick or other input device. Suitable for users with limited upper body strength or mobility.
    • Travel Power Wheelchair: Compact and lightweight power wheelchair designed for easy transport and maneuverability, often featuring foldable frames and removable components.
    • Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchair: Sturdy and durable power wheelchair with reinforced frames and components, designed to accommodate users with higher weight capacities or more demanding usage requirements.
  3. Transport Wheelchair:
    • Transport Chair: Lightweight and compact wheelchair designed primarily for transporting individuals over short distances, often used for travel, medical appointments, or outings. Typically propelled by a caregiver.

The Endura Action Rigid is opening doors for those users that live active lives & are looking for a rigid frame wheelchair that is of high quality & easy on the pocket!It has a simple modern lightweight design with a fold down backrest, removeable side guards & quick release rear wheels ensuring for ultimate comfort & performance.The Endura Action Rigid will allow you to live boldly & without limits.Picture may vary from product supplied.