Body Bags 1100 x 2000 x 100Mic

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PVC Body Bag

PVC body bag is similar with PEVA body bag. It is strong, waterproof and resistance to low temperature. Cadaver body bags are the traditional method to contain human remains or animals bodies. For example, cops can storage or transport dead bodies at the disaster site in the first time. In unanticipated large scale disasters involving hundreds and thousands of fatalities, corpse body bags are very important. It is good a way to manage the dead bodies with dignity and respect in humanitarian.

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PEVA Body Bag

A body bag, also known as a cadaver bag, mortuary bag, cadaver bag or human remains pouch, is for the storage and transportation of dead body bag. Generally speaking, the material of Dead body bag is PEVA, PVC, PP woven, Non-woven or other heavy duty fabrics. All sizes of human remains body bag can be customized. If you have special requirements of dead body bag for adults, children or animals, we could meet with your ideas. Most have some form of carrying handles, usually webbing or die cut, at each corner and along the edges. Body bags can be for hospital, funeral, war, disaster or emergency cases. PEVA is a non-chlorinated vinyl that is often widely in many areas. PEVA body bag or PEVA corpse bag is one of most hot selling products in our company. Crematoriums and funerals use our PEVA cadaver bags because they are chlorine free, burnable and biodegradable. If this kind of dead body bag is discarded or burned, it will not harmful to the environmental.

Polyester Body Bag

Polyester dead body bag is tight and strong, which can easily cope with the casual collision and friction when storage and transportation. Polyester corpse bags have various colors, such as white, black, blue, orange, gray and so on. Re-use of body bags could easily contaminate evidence, so cadaver bag is disposable. Body bags are routinely discarded and incinerated after one use.

PP and PE Body Bag

PP+PE body bag is flexible, durable and tear-resistant. This Material of copse bag is made of polyethylene and polypropylene, which has a longer service life. Under the low temperature, this bag still remains flexible. This allows it to be in winter environments or morgue without worry of the material “cracking”. Our body bag series includes customized sizes; military specification human remains pouches and traditional bags. All seams are 100% heat sealed to eliminate any possible leakage.

PP Woven Body Bag

Woven PP (polypropylene) is known for its strength and durability. It is tough, breathable, and cost-effective, ideally suited for Corpse transportation. PP woven body bags with coating and bags with liners are the ideal choice. Custom two sided printing is available. In the anticipated wars and natural disasters such as earthquake and tsunami, reserves of body bag are necessary. PP woven body bag is super strong and tear resistant, which can protect corpse well. These cadaver bags are also sometimes by customers such as coroners, medical teams, and medical transport companies.